Black 44 – A Presidential Appointee’s View of the Obama Administration – The most diverse in US history

As only a few can, Maynard Holiday provides an insider’s look at the Administration’s views on diversity in theory and practice. The audience is informed on the perspectives, opportunities, challenges, and accomplishments of his fellow appointees at the Pentagon and across the government in general.

The Sky is the Limit – Future STEM Career Opportunities

We briefly visit the past learning about Maynard Holiday’s direct influence on the cutting edge of advanced technology development at the Pentagon, in Silicon Valley, and at some of most prestigious national laboratories in the world. As one of the most experienced and informed engineering and robotics experts, Maynard paints a detailed picture of what the future of global science and technology careers might look like.

Maynard takes us on a deep dive into the “Third Offset” strategy, autonomy, the Defense Innovation Unit- experimental, as well as better buying power initiatives.

Here is a recent insider’s look at how defense innovation strategy has been implemented in a globalized technology environment. Maynard takes us on a deep dive into the “Third Offset” strategy, autonomy, the Defense Innovation Unit, as well as experimental and better buying power initiatives.

Radiation Hardened Mobile Vehicle Development for Chernobyl Stabilization & Remediation in Ukraine

Flashing back to the late 90s, learn how Maynard Holiday engineered a successful partnership between US private sector companies, academia, NASA, and the Department of Energy National Lab system to design, build and deploy the Pioneer robot at Chernobyl Unit 4. Maynard navigates us through the unprecedented diplomatic, technical and logistical challenges he and his team faced in deploying Pioneer for site remediation at ground zero of the world’s most catastrophic nuclear accident.

Challenges to Maintaining American Technological Superiority in the 21st Century

As global technological competition intensifies, what does the future portend for the US defense science and technology enterprise? Maynard Holiday entertains this question and more while he unpacks his unique experience as the former senior technical advisor to the Pentagon’s top weapons buyer.


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